Geostream designs and develops every stage and every detail of the projects with the scope of optimising the technical improvement processes, the optimisation of the orders, the continuous monitoring of the development and interaction with the final customer. Geostream offers customers its experience in developing projects in partnership with customers starting from pollution data. The scope is to build every customised system by customising the product in order to fulfil special needs such as reduced dimensions, optimisation of management costs, reduced impact or particular efficiencies in relation to the various contaminants and discharging conditions.

Design constitutes the key factor in achieving process performance.

The environment, geology, technology and innovation are at the heart of all types of design, whether destined for a small site or a major project.

The design of the elements must take into consideration all factors that may affect the process or the materials. The experience gained at international level allows us to safely operate on sites characterised by the most diverse types of contamination, by a range of climatic factors and potentially corrosive environments.

The development of any project requires attention to the specific context and regulatory environment of each country. All of our design choices always take into account the most important aspects for our company: the health of workers and the protection of the environment. Each aspect of the study is based on a careful analysis of the safety factors and aimed at fully examining and eliminating all site-specific and process-related risks.

The use of specialist software and a team of international professionals, combined with an efficient management system, ensures the achievement of the predetermined objectives.

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