We want to add value to our customers, our team and our people and to the wider society and communities in which we operate.

Geostream is an International Group specialized in the design and implementation of soil and groundwater treatment technologies. We work together with international consulting firms and operators of industrial facilities, real estate developers and lenders, involved in brownfield reclamation projects, and governmental public bodies seeking technical support in the contaminated sites remediation field.

  • Our main offices are in Italy – Spain – UK – South Africa – Brazil
  • We operates worldwide, including most of European countries, Africa, Middle East and Southern America.
  • Since its foundation in 2002, has participated in more than 15,000 remediations projects.
  • Certified ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ISO 45001
  • Is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations; social responsibility can be perceived in its action, in its innovation and in the sustainability of the technologies.

Our international culture and our vision, mission and values unite our diverse workforce and provide a clear framework and guidance.


We are leaders in our sector, offering a unique approach toward soil, water treatment and groundwater contamination and providing the best technologies available to serve all the markets and industries as needed.

We want to be a recognized for our ethical behavior in all those countries where we are present, delivering a positive attitude and influencing a constructive view toward the environment.

We are leading because we do the utmost to listen to our clients and to understand their needs, providing always the same high standards on whatever we do and wherever we are. We work with nature in mind and we appreciate its diversity; we understood that in order to solve problems and restore the natural environment, the solutions must be custom made.


Improving the quality of the environment where we live thinking to the next generations. Serving our customers as the most trusted partners, in all contexts, as a passionate team united by shared values.

We come from diverse cultural backgrounds, we have different experiences and we operate in a broad range of industries.

This is the reason why clear values, which have been shared, understood and experienced by everyone at Geostream, are so important for our future success.

We explore, we study, we plan and then we act: it requires leadership in value creation, responsiveness as well as in innovation, risk evaluation and sustainability.


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