Since the foundation of the company our main vision has always been to protect the environment for a better world. One of our greatest achievement, for which we are very proud of, is that our local communities, our service providers and especially all of our employees are aware that behind our hard work, our studies and projects there is a higher purpose: to protect the environment for the future generations.


Our strategy is to create more value for our customers, for the communities where we operate, and for the company – while reducing our environmental footprint at the same time. This is the mission at the heart of our sustainability strategy and the related targets.

More with less

“More with less” is the key to become sustainable. We need solutions that allow people to live a good life, yet using prime materials more wisely. From this simple thinking we strive to find new ways of growing and improving the quality of life, consuming resources at a more sustainable pace. We improve our products and solutions through innovations and smart thinking – to create more value with a minor ecological footprint.

We identify four main objectives upon which is based our sustainability policy.

Our Supply Chain

We promote a supply chain based on “KM 0”, which is a growing initiative, quite popular for restaurants, to promote local sourcing. In our case, it brings together the stakeholders of the entire supply chain involved in the supply of the raw materials, services and products from the Nord East of Italy, where our production is located.

This project aims to promote local sourcing through the branding of local products and raise awareness about the role of the different actors along the products’ supply chain. The project also works on strengthening the links between us and the other producers in the area, enhancing their market opportunities. At present, we can state that 43.7 % of our products are made by local suppliers.

Energy Consumption

Energy Saving has always been a fundamental part of how we operate at Geostream, because it makes a lot of sense from a business perspective. We have invested in energy efficient infrastructure at our new premises in Magnano in Riviera. For example, the PV system on the roof of our building produces 20 kWh of solar power, contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to optimize energy consumptions, we combined the solar power and heat pumps for a full-scale heating system in the winter and air conditioning during summer.

In 2018 Geostream implemented an energy saving program, taking full advantage of new LED lighting solutions. With the support of our internal electrical team, we have installed LED lights in our workshop and the main building. Geostream products are created with meticulous attention to the detail and a better quality of lighting contributes to improve working conditions.

We have recently built an area to wash our treatment plants returning from rental or buyback. The water used in this facility is rain harvested from the roof of the building. The water is then treated and reused multiple times, providing a valid alternative to municipal water supply. We also promote water reuse at our clients’ facilities, to enhance water security, sustainability and resilience.

Waste minimization

Since we started our business 20 years ago, we have focused on iron and stainless-steel materials for our treatment plants and systems.


At present, more that 50% of our plants are made of metal.


More than 95 % of the metal that we use is produced from scrap metal, which is well-aligned with the goal of a sustainable economic system.

We also ensure that the metal products that we are using in our manufacturing process can be reused at the end of their life cycle. This creates a virtuous and sustainable system that reduces the need to mine new metal ore.

The second most used material in our plant are Hight Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene. These two materials have a great chemical resistance against most of the contaminants presents in the soil, water and groundwater that we treat.

Again, plastic is recyclable or reusable creating favorable conditions for a circular economy.

In fact, we are focused in the purchasing of recycled polyethylene. Many industries already offer several reused products which we source as much as possible.

In general, our target is that we are transitioning towards a circular economy by incorporating recycled materials and design for recycling at the product development stage.

The Future.


We believe that it is important to spread of sustainable development practices beyond our own sphere of influence, especially to young generations. In 2019 Geostream sponsored and distributed to local primary school a book on recycling.

The have been very active by promoting, teaching and innovating in our field, with a particular focus on sustainable practices.

We have presented to local schools the importance of groundwater and land restoration for a sustainable growth.

We will continue to promote these activities as much as possible. Unfortunately, the Pandemic related to the COVID 19 had a tremendous impact on this type of initiatives. We hope to start again soon in order to play an active role in promoting and shaping a sustainable development at local, national and international level.

Brand Making a Positive Impact

We live in times where sustainability has become more important than ever and Geostream Group is working to make social and environmental responsibility an integral component of the whole Group.

Reducing our supply chain footprint

We will continue to improve our supply chain across our global operations. We are constantly making intentional choices to reduce the environmental footprint of our suppliers, and manufacturing sites – sourcing sustainable materials and exploring new business models to drive circular solutions.

Integrate sustainability in our workplace

Our company has made already great progress towards sustainable practices, eliminating for example, plastic bottles and coffee cups drive by the enthusiasm of our employees. We want to keep our staff engaged and tuned on recycling and waste minimization practices.

We believe that if the employees will see how sustainability will affect positively their life and the community, then they will find ways to improve sustainable solutions; becoming the main supporters our sustainability program.

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