Italy: Water Treatment Plant in Castelnuovo d’Asola

  • Water Treatment
  • Lombardia, Italy
  • GeoStream

In the site under remediation, contamination consisted of organochlorine and aromatic compounds present in the groundwater.

Project Detail

SITE: Chemical Company


Project Scope

A chemical company producing bitumen that was established in the post-war period in northern Italy has created considerable environmental problems in the 40 years of its operation. The company had been processing benzene to produce derivatives, including naphthalene, so-called «moth balls». The soils inside the production site were heavily polluted, so much so that the area is one of the 10 most polluted sites in Lombardy.

Remediation began back in 1996, and with this project reclamation has been enhanced by implementing a water treatment plant built to the highest standards in terms of operational continuity and reliability.


The plant is composed of the following sections:
• Equalization and Sedimentation;
• De-oiling;
• Stripping;
• Quartzite filtration with automatic backwashing;
• Activated carbon filtration.

All units have been designed according to the Plug & Play concept, in order to facilitate maintenance and minimize plant downtime.

The system is able to treat 40m3/h of contaminated water, and the innovative stripping section with horizontal surfaces uses a 2.000m3/h fan for the volatilization of polluting compounds.

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