Strategies and Objectives

The management and maintenance of the systems is a critical part of the process.

Geostream has a team of professionals and technicians dedicated to managing the equipment so as to ensure the maximum operational continuity of the systems provided.

Our after-sales service is distinguished by the scheduling of preventive maintenance and the management of urgent intervention for extraordinary maintenance.

The technical assistance team is composed of highly-qualified professionals, trained in accordance with the highest international standards in terms of safety and quality. To date, the constant presence of Geostream in refineries and chemical plants in Europe, Africa, and South America has consolidated our experience in the most diverse working environments.

The application of innovative computer technologies for the acquisition of data and the remote monitoring of the systems in real time allows for the optimal management of the systems provided.

An extensive network of approved suppliers allows us to quickly obtain all the spare parts necessary for maintenance operations, thus reducing response times.

Geostream has always paid particular attention to all services aimed towards the correct function of the system that is essential in achieving the set objectives.