The on-site treatment of soils and groundwater is a necessity involving any sector requiring environmental remediation.

We design and develop solutions for the on-site remediation of contaminated soils and build systems for the treatment of groundwater and wastewater deriving from various processes. Our staff’s many years of experience and training allows us to accompany the client from the initial phases of identifying the best intervention strategy to the building and management of the on-site plant.

During the design and creation of the systems, particular attention is paid to the safety and reliability of the plant and processes, in order to maintain high standards of quality.

In relation to the input data of each project and in accordance with the contamination present on the site, there are a number of suitable solutions for the reduction of the concentrations present. Nonetheless, each technology has its advantages and disadvantages that may not be so obvious in the initial planning stages. For these reasons, it is important to have a competent and reliable collaborator.

We boast extensive know-how and can be your partner all around the world, adopting specific strategies for the reduction of any contamination present in both soils and waters.