Within an environmental re-qualification project of the ex- Falck steelworks industry, an industrial area of 1.4 million square meters located just outside Milan in the Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), initially designed by the Architect Renzo Piano, Geostream has set up an hydraulic barrier with the scope of securing the surface water during the reclamation excavations for the land.
The system provides 18 extraction wells with a depth of 100 meters for a capacity of 200 mc/h.
In order to ensure an operating continuity, the system has five main treatment lines for a total of 15 filters, each of which is divided into a manganese dioxide (pirolusite) and quartz sand filtration section, a section on active carbons and a last filtration stage with selective chelating resins.

Out of the filters, the treated waters before being discharged into river Lambro are stored in a post treatment equalisation section consisting of 16 out of water tanks, for a total capacity of 800 cu.m., able to accumulate water temporarily up to a sufficient time to deal with a possible water emergency.

The counter wash water of the filters is handled automatically, and the wastewater that is produced is sent to a chemical-physical plant dedicated to sludge management through sedimentation (static sedimentator), conditioning and dehydration by filter-pressing.