A leading oil company has awarded the execution of soil and groundwater remediation projects for six of its petrol stations in South Africa. The stations are located in various sites, predominantly in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas. Geostream has designed, manufactured and delivered the required remediation plants, as usual with a tailor-made design according to client’s specifications, also performing start-up operations on site, beginning in February 2017.

The plants include three Multi-Phase Extraction systems, each equipped with a complete water treatment line to eliminate volatile hydrocarbons, including settling tank, oil/water separator, stripping unit and activated carbon filters for water and air.
There are also three Soil Vapour Extraction systems, one stand-alone, another combined with an Air Sparging unit, and a third combined with a skimming unit. The extracted air and condensation water are treated by activated carbon filtration. The skimming unit extracts LNAPL using pneumatic active skimmers, and stores the product in a series of storage tanks.

All plants are fully automatic, apt to work 24 hours a day, with all necessary protective system devices to detect any unwanted circumstance and stop the plants when required. The MPE systems feature touch-screen PLCs with remote control by a 3G router, allowing the client and Geostream software engineers to visualize and monitor the system status and parameters directly from the office.