Innovation and experience

Ensuring the best intervention strategy for the remediation of a contaminated site requires extensive preliminary study. This is the motivation that has led us to implement the Pilot Test service in order to design and build a full-scale remediation system that guarantees minimum intervention times and maximum efficiency, based on the specific characteristics of the site.

We have created a system designed to test multiple technologies on-site, verifying their applicability and effectiveness, whilst collecting all the data useful for the dimensioning of a full-scale plant designed to reduce environmental impact and optimise the costs/benefits related to the operation.

A highly-skilled and well-trained team, combined with the use of the most advanced instrumentation for monitoring the operation and the data collection, ensures the necessary assistance in choosing the best technology for the processing of the data collected and in the development of the complete system.

The system is composed of a mobile unit that has been fully ATEX certified, designed to guarantee the utmost flexibility in the operations. The modular system allows for the implementation of the technologies selected for testing, ensuring maximum adaptability and the least possible impact. The PLC with data logger allows a reduction in the number of personnel required for the testing, whilst ensuring a continuous reading of all the process data.

In addition, the system allows for long-term testing by monitoring and verifying the functioning through advanced remote monitoring. Finally, the system is equipped with an innovative automatic gas chromatograph that allows for the continuous analysis of a wide range of compounds.


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To ensure a complete analysis of environmental conditions, Geostream has a wide range of technologies such as the automatic portable gas chromatograph that allows the continuous analysis of a wide range of volatile organic compounds based on the chromatographic breakdown.

Thanks to the versatility of this technology, several tests can be performed such as: test of Multi Phase Extraction (MPE), Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Air Sparging (AS), Pump and Treat (P&T) and other specific tests.