Geostream Group has embarked on a radical change in its design method passing definitively to the three-dimensional approach and therefore moving away from the world of CAD 2D.

For this reason Geostream has chosen Solidworks software whose current offer represents a choice of absolute quality thanks to the continual development research carried out by Dassault Systèmes including the collaboration with the end-users via a management network for feedback.

The most evident advantages of 3D consist in:

  • the ability to supply promptly a simplified layout of the plant system which in synergy with the client can then be used to choose the best possible position in the interior of the plant site.
  • The ability to evaluate virtually any eventual interference problems between the various components.
  • To realize executive tables connected to the 3D models, allowing modifications to the model which is then updated automatically to the tables, in a way that they are consistently aligned with the models. Additionally the realization of all the necessary data required for the descriptions of the production will be managed by the software in a fully automated mode; this represents the core in flexibility of the 3D software.
  • The ability to generate in fine detail the components required to realize an entire project, by associating to each individual recalled component both a univocal number identifiable in the codified “basket” and an identification to trace its position within the standard 3D model. This permits the execution of modifications to the 3D model even during its construction phase without losing control over the management purchasing process.
  • The ability to assimilate any modifications as a result of changes in objectives, adapting the layout during the design phase without having to completely alter what has already been produced to date, thanks to the flexibility of the 3D approach.

The possibility to be able to visualize the product during the design phase permits Geostream to carry out a thorough search for each product, taking into consideration various aspects which are difficult to evaluate from a two-dimensional table, these are ergonomics of the spatial distribution, the accessibility of the parts requiring maintenance and lastly the exterior appearance.