SiCon 2018

Geostream will participate at the workshop “CONTAMINATED SITES, Experiences in the rehabilitation interventions” that will take place in Taormina (ME) on 8, 9 and 10 February. SiCon is an opportunity for a fruitful discussion between industry players and wants to make available to the participants a broad overview of what has been done to date in the field of remediation, with specific emphasis on technical-operational aspects.

Geostream will open the Aquifers and Contaminated Soils Session, illustrating its own case study, “Reclamation of soil and groundwater contaminated by chlorinated solvents in an active industrial site.” The Workshop will also includes a session dedicated to the latest scientific research results on soil treatment technologies, groundwater and contaminated sediments.

SiCon is organized by the Sanitary-Environmental Engineering groups of the University of Brescia, University of Catania and SAPIENZA University of Rome in collaboration with ANDIS (National Association of Sanitary-Environmental Engineering), the GITISA (Italian Group of Sanitary-Environmental Engineering) and the CSISA Onlus (Center for Environmental Health Engineering Studies) of Catania.