GeoStream Injection Trailer

GeoStream, focusing on constant and continuous improvement and always seeking for the best solution to each problem, has designed and built a reclamation plant for contaminated soils that involves mixing and injection of oxidizing agents into the soil.

The solution, designed for the English market, will be set up on a road cart. This innovative system will be available to rent, thereby increasing the range of products and services offered by Geostream Group.

The main elements of the system are a mixing tank complete with a mechanical stirrer with polypropylene blades, a motor-compressor, a transfer pump and an innovative double membrane pump with a high head dedicated to the injection of oxidizing agents in liquid phase through a manifold with six unitsAll the elements of the system are made of suitable materials for the use of highly oxidizing chemical agents which are very aggressive with non-noble materials.

The peculiarity of this system is the flexibility of its use since the system is completely autonomous as powered by a motor-driven compressor. The mixer and the pumps are pneumatic therefore the system can also be used in sites that do not have electricity.

The system is very easy to move because it has been designed to be set up on a trailer, in accordance with regulations for towing trailers.

Finally, the system has been intended to handle the dissolution and injection of liquid products as well as powder products in complete safety, thanks to dedicated and specially designed loading hoppers and a containment system for potential leaks during activities.