New groundwater treatment plant, Florence

GeoStream has been awarded a new project of € 100,000.00 to design, build and install a groundwater treatment plant in a large industrial complex in the area of ​​Florence, Italy.

The pollutants present in groundwater are mainly chlorinated, carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic, which will be treated with a technical solution in two stages: a first section of water disinfection thanks to the addition of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and a second filtration section of water through 4 filters each containing 1000 kg of activated carbon.

The water will be pumped through 12 wells where Viridian pneumatic pumps will be installed (bottom load model) with a total of water transported to the plant equal to 12 m3 / h.

The treatment system will be installed inside a 20 foot transport container and the main elements that will constitute it will be: two compensation tanks, a mixing tank, a hypochlorite storage tank with a measurement system, a pump recovery of 15 m3 / h. On the other hand, the four filters will be installed in an area adjacent to the container.

Given the high safety standards required by the customer, this system will provide level sensors in each tank, in this way, in case of exceeding the pre-established thresholds will immediately block the plant to avoid overflows and the subsequent dumping of contaminated water.