Environmental Reclamation Former Industrial Site – Milan

As part of an environmental redevelopment of a former industrial plant in Milan, GeoStream is proceeding with a reclamation operation involving the abatement of chlorinated compounds by a combined system of air sparging and Soil Vapor Extraction (AS/SVE).

The activities will be in different stages of work divided into:

  • execution of SVE wells (total 19), AS wells (total 13), 3 monitoring piezometers and nesty probe
  • construction of the civil works related to the realization of the work
  • the execution of SVE / AS pilot tests in situ for the verification of the ray of influence and performance of the plant
  • constraction, installation, startup and management of 2 AS/SVE containerized plants.

The final plant will contain n° 2 containerized units that will develop an extracted air flow rate of about 750 m3 / h and 1250 m3 / h respectively, and an inflated air flow of about 90 m3 / h and 150 m3 / h.

The activities will be carried out in a residential context that requires particular attention to safety and a targeted management of the environmental and acoustic impacts related to them.