New water treatment plant Hungary

Geostream has been entrusted with the design, construction and installation of a wastewater treatment plant for a pharmaceutical industry near Budapest, Hungary.

After a careful evaluation for the treatment of a 7 m3/h water flow contaminated by organochlorine compounds that must meet the standards required for sewage drainage, Geostream’s technical office provided the best and most convenient solution available: the stripping technology. The contaminated water is conveyed into a stripper where the liquid flow is forced to face a crossed flow of clean air. Due to the high affinity of this type of pollutants with the chosen technology, the gaseous flow is able to remove contaminants from the liquid phase in order to more easily treat the residual pollution with two active carbon filter units.

The system includes a 600 m3 blower, a stripper, a transfer pump, a discharge pump and two 800 kg GAC filter units.