Geostream Group is able to supply a wide range of groundwater treatment systems from the simplest of plants such as small filtration sections to full systems employing the best technologies available. There is only one way to develop an efficient system and that is to adapt the technology to the site characteristics: geology, hydrogeology, contaminants and all the specific site conditions.

Geostream offers an optimal, perfectly attuned 3D software solution where all the interfaces and all the various stages of the treatment, the equipment and the disciplines are analyzed. This procedure allows the client to optimize the complex interaction between the investment and the process-related aspects. We have developed a proven procedure that coordinates all activities, guarantees quality and monitors on-time, on-budget performances. The client always knows the exact status of their project because we continually inform them about its progress. Our project management is dedicated to ensuring that the client is involved in all major decisions.

Geostream produces core components in-house; all the systems are pre-assembled in our own workshops, not only in our Italian and Brazilian facilities, but also in a continually growing network of international workshops.

All our solutions are tailored made to meet the requirements of each individual project. Geostream can offer its clients the benefits of its expanding local presence that guarantees fast, fuss-free service wherever needed. We remain focused on our role as a global environmental technology leader shaping the future with design and manufacturing excellence.

Optimized work flow processes and efficient production ensures shorter lead times so the client will receive top quality, reliable and high-performance products.