Saudi Arabia

Services: On-site Remediation
Technologies: Pump & Treat – ATEX
Industry: Refinery-Petrochemical Site

Geostream has been assigned a project to deliver a large Groundwater Treatment Plant for an Oil Refinery in Saudi Arabia. The design has been a challenge given the great amount of air supply needed, special electrical requirements and the necessary adaptations for a desert environment.

The system includes three 90 kW rotary screw compressors to supply air to almost 100 submersible pneumatic pumps. The treatment consists of two 20 m3/h, stainless steel, custom-designed oil-water separators and two 10 m3 crude oil storage tanks. The two treatment areas are equipped with ATEX-rated equipment.

The control system manages 340 kW of nominal power and working with a 480 V, 60 Hz, and no neutral supply. It includes a PLC with CPU and touch-screen, with software entirely designed by Geostream according to client safety requirements. The main panel is linked via fiber optic to a local network of auxiliary panels for control of remote areas, including two ATEX-rated boards.

Special features for desert environment include air conditioning, specific thermal insulation, and custom-designed ambient air filters, chimneys and ventilation grids to avoid entrance of sand and dust.

Extraction systems, one stand-alone, another combined with an Air Sparging unit, and a third combined with a skimming unit. The extracted air and condensation water are treated by activated carbon filtration. The skimming unit extracts LNAPL using pneumatic active skimmers, and stores the product in a series of IBC tanks.