Sassari – Italy

Services: On-site reclamation
Technologies: MPE
Industry: Refinery-Petrochemical Site

Geostream has designed and built the most complex and innovative Multi Phase Extraction System (MPE) in Italy in recent years. In fact, the plant, installed and operating inside the Petrochemical plant of Porto Torres (SS), was designed to ensure the suction of the multi-phase mix up to a depth of 18-19 meters of land surface, a suction depth clearly higher than traditionally provided for this type of plant.

The system is connected with 180 suction wells, it develops an air flow continuously extracted of more than 7,000 m3/h, and the expected contaminant concentrations are about 10 g/m3. Approximately 70 Kg/h of contaminant mass was extracted in the commissioning phase, equal to about 1.7 tons per day.

In particular, no. 12 dry screw blank systems are ATEX certified even internally through flushing the suction chamber with nitrogen.

Heat exchangers lower the gas temperature with the aim of optimising and maximising the following treatment process.

Nitrogen sweep systems and related instrumentation ensure the complete absence of oxygen within the relay sections, with the scope of eliminating the combustion and avoiding the maximum danger of explosion.

Geostream has overseen the executive design phase and the subsequent multi-phase extraction system implementation, consisting of 72 skids and their interconnecting (mechanical, electrical, and instrumental) device, as well as the completion of the design documentation with the As-Built and relative mechanical catalogues.