Cagliari – Italy

Services: Air & Waterproofing with Capping
Technologies: Multi Phase Extraction
Industry: Refinery-Petrochemical Site

GEOSTREAM, in accordance with the interventions planned by the Single Reclamation Project (POB) of the Syndial establishment of Assemini (Cagliari), has been assigned the planning and fulfillment of the first pilot reclamation module using Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) technology. The project requires waterproofing of the area through the application of suitable plastic sheeting. These works, in addition to reducing the input of atmospheric air during the reclamation process, limits capillary infiltration of meteorological water and leaching of the contamination in the saturated ground. 

The capping technology is used particularly in the sphere of safeguarding and containment of leachate in areas of discharge. The installation of appropriate plastic sheeting allows for creating a layer of separation between the grounds affected by the presence of refuse and non-contaminated ground, not permitting contact between the two bodies.

The use of capping, in addition to guaranteeing an anthropic barrier to the contaminated matrix, allows for waterproofing which allows for expanding and improving the MPE technology, thus avoiding treatment of the air-water matrix not involved in the on-site reclamation.

To guarantee a perfect result, the sheets have been sealed using the same technology used in discharge environments and the wells have been covered and surrounded with the same material. Having laid the sheeting, a second layer made up of geo-textile coupled with a previous layer has been laid in order to allow for the filtration of the waters, and separation from the HDPE sheet covering material. The whole project was subsequently covered with inert material, returning the area to its initial condition.